Daredevil Season 2 review

CeZ6x74W8AA-qYB.jpg-largeUnlike the steady flow of superhero sewer sludge pouring out of Hollywood, Netflix Originals seem to have discovered a way to do comic book narratives justice without resorting to massive sky battles or the endless mashing of CG robots.

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House of Cards Season 4 review

bal-best-worst-house-of-cards-season-4-001I feel sorry for you Americans. Choosing a candidate for the Presidential Primaries must be like deciding which STD you’d rather have flaring up your urethra. They’re all such caricatures even Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood from House of Cards is starting to look tame. He’s only killed a couple of people and manipulated the entire system to get into the Oval Office. In real life we have a sentient toupee hell-bent on building a wall to keep out all the not white people, inciting enough anger to cause a civil war fit for Captain American and Iron Man. I know which reality I find more ridiculous. But isn’t the fictional TV show meant to be the one producing all the drama? I mean, who’s doing the parodying here? If it’s not HoC then we might as well start binge-watching the news instead. Continue reading

Jessica Jones Season 1 review – It’s not about superheroes

Oh look, it’s that girl who choked to death on her own sick in Breaking Bad. Krysten Ritter stars in a new Netflix series as Marvel’s Jessica Jones – a private investigator with super strength and the ability to jump higher than you can be bothered to crank your neck. If that sounds ridiculous it’s because it is. Although, it’s not half as unbearable as the other superhero/comic book shows out there, like Supergirl or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which I can’t watch without a doctor in case I cringe my way to a stroke. In fact, it’s actually quite impressive; the reason being it’s not really about superheroes.

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