X-Men fans trying to explain entire franchise to logical-thinking people

CdwrvwTW0AAkqfJThe second trailer for X-Men Apocalypse just dropped and people who are usually able to follow film plots have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

They messed around with time travel and now Patrick Stewart is a snivelling rat with long hair and Sansa Stark is playing the redhead who was killed in an alternate timeline.

Slumdog Millionaire fan Keith Barrow said: “What a load of nonsensical arse water.”

Fans of the franchise have been condescendingly explaining the timeline of events leading up to the latest film to those who are still utterly clueless.

45-year-old comic book collector Alan Warwick said: “They just don’t get it. Maybe they should read one of the original graphic novels before passing judgement, then they’d understand why all the characters and arcs have changed.”

“It has nothing to do with the previous films being shit.”

Watch the trailer here.


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